Self Portrait Photography - The artistic selfie

2-hour workshop

If you have photographic skills but would like to learn to take better portraits this is for you! Explore the different ways to utilize self-portrait as a means of expressing yourself and gain tools for creating compelling self-portraits.

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Street portrait by Josefina Moran

  Workshop Outline

Self-Portrait (One-day workshop)

Master the art of the Selfie! Whether we realize it or not, many of us engage in the art of self portraiture every single day, either as a simple act of self-expression or to document our everyday lives. In this course, discover new ways to take your “selfie” skills to the next level with our instructor Josefina Moran. After exploring the styles of famous self-portrait artists like Cindy Sherman, Vivian Maier and Elinor Carucci, you will learn new techniques to elevate your self-expression. All you need to get started? A camera and YOU!

In this workshop, we will focus on the art of portrait photography. The lesson will explore the different ways to utilize self-portraiture as a means of expressing yourself. I will help equip participants with the best tools to create compelling and sophisticated ‘selfies.’ Come take the perfect selfie with me!

  • Part 1 - Discover self-portraiture as a genre, discuss conceptual and technical aspects and explore the styles of different photographers such as Cindy Sherman, Vivian Maier, and Elinor Carucci.
  • Part 2 - Taking self-portraits
  • Part 3 - Outputs review, applying technical and conceptual choices.

Did you know self portrait doesn’t have to reveal who you are?


  Materials and Preparations

  • Required Material

    ● Camera: Digital or Film

  Meet your Instructor

Josefina Moran

Josefina Moran  |  Photographer

Josefina is a Portrait and Fine Art photographer. Her works were exhibited at Agora Gallery in 2018 and was a recipient of the En Foco Fellowship. She taught photography in her home country Argentina and worked as a teaching assistant at the International Center of Photography where she eventually became a faculty member.

  What people are saying about the course

  5 star rating

A great workshop

Thanos Psaros

As a person who likes to take the shots and not be in them, I discovered new ways of expression, new ideas and most of all I understand the art behind self portraiture. I can’t wait to use these techniques! Josefina introduced us some very interesting artists who I’ve never knew before, and last but not least I really admired her personal work. 5 stars review from me!

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Price: $25

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