Kinga Brassay
Visual Artist & Interior Designer

Kinga finds joy in acrylic painting on canvas and her paintings reflect the many colors of her life, personality, as well as her openness to new cultural scenes and new environments.

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Kristina Tonev
Acrylic Pouring Artist & Instructor

Kristina Tonev, also known as SirK, is an award-winning acrylic pouring instructor with more than 20 years of painting experience. Kristina specializes in enhancing art techniques and helps other artists to turn their art into masterpieces.

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Carisa Bledsoe
Visual & Performing Artist

Carisa is a yoga and meditation practitioner with particular interest in mind-body connections and how they lend towards a balance within oneself, the universe, and nature.

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Kate Brehm 
Movement Director & International Puppeteer

Kate Brehm directs and devises visual theater with puppets, physical acting, and scenic dramaturgy. She is an accomplished international puppeteer and movement director certified to teach the Margolis Method of Physical Theater.

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Amanda Ba
Visual Artist

Amanda Ba is a graduate of Columbia University, majoring in Visual Arts and Art History. Amanda has spent time studying and working at various international institutions including the Slade School of Fine Arts in London, the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, and the KW Institute for Contemporary Art in Berlin.

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Bridget Johnson

Bridget Johnson is a filmmaker and educator. Her filmmaking practice involves post-production and stop motion animation. She loves collaborating with other artists and using collage as a tool to bring different art forms together. Most recently her stop motion animated poem was a finalist in the Shift Film Festival.

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Josefina Moran

Josefina is a Portrait and Fine Art photographer. Her works were exhibited at Agora Gallery in 2018 and was a recipient of the En Foco Fellowship. She taught photography in her home country Argentina and worked as a teaching assistant at the International Center of Photography where she eventually became a faculty member.

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Rebecka Dionne
Multi-Disciplinary Fine Artist

Rebecka Dionne is a practicing fine artist in Brooklyn, New York. With a BFA in Material Fine Art, she focuses much of her work on the reuse of supplies and modern waste like plastics, chords, packaging, and items that break around the home.

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Andreas Laszlo Konrath

Andreas Laszlo Konrath is a photographer, publisher and artist educator. Since 2008 he has utilized the vehicle of the zine and book to create many of his own projects, as well as editing and publishing zines and books for many other artists as well. Andreas is currently the artist educator for the museum Dia:Beacon Dia Teens program.

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