Stop Motion Animation

4 weekly workshops - 1.5 hrs each meeting

Create a complete short stop motion animation film. We will screen professional short animations, learn animation techniques, create stories, and make sets, puppets, and props, while using materials at home to create the perfect set up.

Price: $199

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Production and editing, by Bridget Johnson

Do you ever wonder how your favorite animated films get made? This course is your chance to learn the ins and outs of creating your own stop motion animated short film! From screenwriting, to set making, puppetry and props, dive into the world of animation and unleash your creativity with instructor Bridget Johnson. In just four short sessions, you will gain the confidence and skills to produce, film and edit your very own animated film! 

Maybe you fell in love with Wes Anderson’s 2009 film Fantastic Mr. Fox, or were fascinated by Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas. These stop motion animated films are just two examples of the countless places in Hollywood and the arts communities where this unique and exciting type of video art is wildly successful. 

Bridget has been working on the art of stop motion animation for years and recently, one of her stop motion animated poems was a finalist in the Shift Film festival. Whether you are a total novice or a semi-pro, she can help take your videos to the next level. In just four sessions, you will be able to get started on this seriously cool and marketable craft that will bring your ideas to life! 

  Course Curriculum

Lesson 1: Introduction to Stop Motion

  • Intro to stop motion as a positive tool for artmaking. Basic easy techniques for making beautiful animations from your own home, using our phones.

Lesson 2: Story Creation with Stop Motion

  • Create our own stories. Watch a very short film and discuss filmmaker’s choices while conveying the story, taking into account the limitations of materials and time.

Lesson 3: Sets, props, puppets

  • Preparing sets, props, and puppets for our films! Learn best practices and tips for creating a moveable character.
  • We will create a simple puppet and practice simple animations with it.

Lesson 4: Finalizing your films

  • Movie production process (idea, writing, pre-production, production, post-production, distribution).
  • Shooting 3D animation and post production.
  • Finalizing the films - questions and reviews

  Materials and Preparations

  • A list of needed materials:

    ● Smart device (phone or tablet)
    ● Stop Motion Studio app (free version is fine!)
    ● 2 stacks of books OR a phone/tablet stand
    ● 2 rulers (only if using books, not phone/tablet stand)
    ● Small objects to animate! (Pom poms, button, coins, rocks, leafs, anything that is smaller than your hand)
    ● 4 small pieces of paper
    ● Storyboard template (file provided by Bridget)
    ● Paper
    ● Scissors
    ● Writing utensil
    ● Any artmaking material you have (string, buttons, paint, markers, cotton balls, anything!)
    ● Your animation stations (can be a table or any space that will serve as your little “studio”)
    ● Objects that can stand upright

  Meet your Instructor

Bridget Johnson

Bridget Johnson  |  Filmmaker

Bridget Johnson is a filmmaker and educator. Her filmmaking practice involves post-production and stop motion animation. She loves collaborating with other artists and using collage as a tool to bring different art forms together. Most recently her stop motion animated poem was a finalist in the Shift Film Festival. She is an experienced educator and loves nothing more than sharing this amazing practice with others!

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Entire 4 Meetings: $199

$25 - trial lesson
$75 - single lesson. You don’t have to take the entire course, you can join lessons of your choice

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