Toy Theater

6 weekly workshops - 1.5 hrs each meeting

We will explore the tradition of toy theater - miniature flat paper cutouts of famous theaters and the plays performed within them. This art popularized in 19th century Europe and is presently exploding among puppet theater artists across the US and elsewhere.

Price: $325
Date: TBD

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Artwork by Kate Brehm

  Course Curriculum

In this six-session course, students will each design, build, and devise an original toy theater puppet show. Inspiration will be mined from selected puppet viewings, examples of scenography and stage design, and music. During the process, we consider various tools of visual storytelling: framing, rules of engagement, and the emotive capacity of line and materials.

Lesson 1: Intro to Toy Theater
January 25 (Monday, 7:00pm - 8:30pm EST)

  • Toy Theater - 19th century to today - Working With Cardboard, Toy Theater Techniques, Mockups and Play

February 1 (Monday, 7:00pm - 8:30pm EST)

  • Stage Architecture and Scenography - Using Your Seed, dramaturgically Relevant Mechanisms

Lesson 3: Liveness
February 8 (Monday, 7:00pm - 8:30pm EST)

  • Animal or Plant Life - Character design, movement dynamics & beats, listening to the Objects, Framing in Performance

Lesson 4: Crafting a Story
February 15 (Monday, 7:00pm - 8:30pm EST)

  • Puppets and Metaphor - The Arc of a Story- Interior life, the role of the puppeteer

Lesson 5: Feedback
February 22 (Monday, 7:00pm - 8:30pm EST)

  • The Outside eye & lighting and masking - Showings with Feedback

Lesson 6: Toy Theater Showings
March 1 (Monday, 7:00pm - 8:30pm EST)

  • Toy Theater Showings & Feedbacks

  Materials and Preparations

  • Required materials:

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    You may choose any other supplier or product you prefer.

    ● Cardboard Boxes (corrugated and non-corrugated boxes from the mail as well as cereal boxes)
    Utility Knife
    Hot Glue Gun with Glue Sticks
    Duct Tape

  • Optional materials:

    *For your convenience, you can easily order any product with a 20% discount using promo code AGORA20.
    Cutting mat (a piece of cardboard can be used as an alternative)
    ● Wire (approx 12 gauge, or a coat hanger wire)
    Needle-nosed pliers with a wire cutter
    Black Sharpie marker

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  • You can also watch this as preparation:

  Meet your Instructor

Kate Brehm

Kate Brehm  |  Movement Director & International Puppeteer

KATE BREHM directs and devises visual theater with puppets, physical acting, and scenic dramaturgy. She is an accomplished international puppeteer and movement director certified to teach the Margolis Method of Physical Theater. Her New York based company, imnotlost, has devised original theater and interactive events since 2003. She teaches practical and theoretical tools for performative visual thinking.

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Entire 6 Meetings: $325

$25 - trial lesson
$75 - single lesson. You don’t have to take the entire course, you can join lessons of your choice

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